season 2023-2024

The Toneelhuis collective proudly launches its first season!

The 2023-2024 season is all about generosity and an open, varied view of the world. It is as brightly coloured and polyphonic as our posters. We are presenting no less than seven new shows, four reprises and a host of challenging guest shows, concerts, lectures, debates and festivals.

Welcome one and all!

Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, FC Bergman, Olympique Dramatique, Gorges Ocloo, Lisaboa Houbrechts

Toneelhuis is bright and collective! Read the intro to the new season by our artists.

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Alle schone dingen Theatre 21 September 2023 until 3 February 2024

Alle schone dingen

Toneelhuis / Olympique Dramatique / Tom Dewispelaere

In order to give his suicidal mother new hope, a boy makes a list of all the wonderful things that make life worth living. Based on the successful solo Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan. A witty, touching and comforting tale.

Seefhoek Series Theatre 22 September 2023 until 30 September 2023

Seefhoek Series

Toneelhuis / Thomas Verstraeten

A six-part location project by artist Thomas Verstraeten that attempts to penetrate the soul of the hyper-diverse district of Seefhoek. With performances videos and installations, and with the collaboration of 300 local residents. A meditation on a vibrant but marginalized neighbourhood. 

FRICTION Theatre 16 November 2023 until 17 November 2023


Toneelhuis / Kunstenwerkplaats / Sophia Rodriguez

Why does our current economic model want a world without opposition and friction? Conflict slows things down, of course, but it also reveals hidden fears and unfulfilled desires. Choreographer and theatre maker Sophia Rodriguez explores how friction can improve interpersonal contact. Fiery, playful and unapologetic.

Ne Mobliez Mie Theatre 30 November 2023 until 13 December 2023

Ne Mobliez Mie

Toneelhuis / FC Bergman

At the end of the 19th century, Marchioness Visconti converted Gaasbeek Castle into a neo-renaissance fairy tale castle, where she posed for photographs dressed as a medieval boy. These photographs are the inspiration for a meditation on alternative identities. A cycle of film vignettes, with an interplay of film and theatre.

Shelly Shonk Fiffit Theatre 18 January 2024 until 25 January 2024

Shelly Shonk Fiffit

Toneelhuis / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

A show with a theme as unfathomable as its title: the cosmic. Fascinated by the James Webb telescope and the boundlessness of human imagination, a varied group of performers creates an ecstatic trip through our inner world and the remote corners of the universe. With hallucinogenic electronic music by Caterina Barbieri.

Klytaimnestra Theatre 18 April 2024 until 24 April 2024


Toneelhuis / Olympique Dramatique / STAN

Three interpretations of the Greek tragedy about Klytaimnḗstra and her husband Agamemnon shed new light on the unbridled expansionism and toxic lust for power. A dissection of misogyny, 2500 years ago and now, by a polyphonic ensemble of dancers and actors.

Honderd Theatre 16 June 2024


Toneelhuis / Martha!tentatief / Bart Van Nuffelen

A performance by one actor, Slongs (Charissa Parassiadis), and one hundred city dwellers from Deurne-Noord. A grand, one-off theatrical action by Martha!tentatief. A report from the fringes of the city. A loving ode to the epic quality of reality. 


Wachten op Godot Theatre 8 March 2024 until 23 March 2024

Wachten op Godot

Toneelhuis / Olympique Dramatique

Koen De Sutter, Tom Dewispelaere, Nico Sturm and Tom Van Dyck play in Beckett’s famous classic. More topical than ever.

The Sheep Song Theatre 1 May 2024 until 11 May 2024

The Sheep Song

Toneelhuis / FC Bergman

A miniature about the eternal struggle with – and endless longing for – change.

Grandpa Puss; or how God disappeared Theatre 16 May 2024 until 17 May 2024

Grandpa Puss; or how God disappeared

laGeste / Toneelhuis / Lisaboa Houbrechts

A girl dives into the hidden traumas of the past. How does violence in intimate circles relate to the historical violence in society? A large-scale intergenerational story about a familial nervous breakdown, between theatre and opera. 


Gruis/aan de twijfel Theatre 21 November 2023 until 22 November 2023

Gruis/aan de twijfel

NTGent / Werktoneel / Jesse Vandamme

In search of radical madness, the Werktoneel players romp through the nihilistic universe of Willem Frederik Hermans. They examine human isolation and offer a counterbalance to forced optimism about progress. 

Saint Amour - Springtij in de liefde Literature 9 February 2024

Saint Amour - Springtij in de liefde

Behoud de Begeerte

What happens when passion reaches its extreme? And what about the ebbs and flows in a relationship? A literary high mass for being helplessly in love. But also, for love that verges on obsession. With author Connie Palmen, among others.

De Omgekeerde Berg Theatre 16 February 2024 until 18 February 2024

De Omgekeerde Berg

Tutti Fratelli

The actors of Tutti Fratelli present a mad tale of undaunted love together with the musical trio of Esmé Bos, Bart Voet and Florejan Verschueren. A multi-voiced, bittersweet party hoot, because singing together helps people to keep fighting, dreaming, being cheerful and living.

GERMAN STAATSTHEATER Theatre 24 February 2024


Toneelhuis / Kunstenwerkplaats / Rosie Sommers / Micha Goldberg

A tragicomic show about the ceaseless pressure of work, with stress and burnouts as the result. In a series of absurdist scenes, a dozen players depict the compelling working conditions of people under high stress as an ongoing slapstick comedy.

The Interrogation Theatre 25 March 2024 until 26 March 2024

The Interrogation

NTGent / International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) / Edouard Louis / Milo Rau

Director Milo Rau and the best-selling French author Édouard Louis have written a very personal play about misgivings and failure. An intimate but frivolous performance, light-hearted and yet movingly personal. A fundamental ode to failure.

R.I.S.A. Theatre 29 March 2024 until 30 March 2024


KVS / Jr.cE.sA.r

After the international success of Malcolm X, Dear Winnie and Who’s Tupac? the Jr.cE.sA.r collective is presenting the finale to its series on heroes. A carnivalesque parade of actors, writers and musicians engage in social protest with laughter. Join the revolution with a smile!


Ruben Block (SOLO) Music 17 October 2023

Ruben Block (SOLO)

The singer/guitarist and front man of rock phenomenon Triggerfinger presents his first solo work in the Bourla. Lots of brilliance, lots of intelligent instinct, lots of Ruben Block, getting closer to himself than ever. And bringing the house down in the process.

TOURIST LEMC - ONRUST Music 25 October 2023 until 20 December 2023


With this new work, Johannes Faes examines, reveals and unravels the twists and turns of the mind and dives into his rich repertoire. Intimate, uninhibited, authentic and straightforward.

Kapitein Winokio - Circus van Gevoelens Music 1 November 2023

Kapitein Winokio - Circus van Gevoelens

Kapitein Winokio is afraid of bears. He gets angry when his magic trick doesn’t work and sad when nobody laughs at his jokes. But singing with champions makes him happy! For all champions, from the age of three and up. 

Dez Mona - Two Decades Music 27 January 2024

Dez Mona - Two Decades

Dez Mona is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a one-off jubilee concert! A sultry musical journey through the rich repertoire of the band of Gregory Frateur, Sjoerd Bruil and Roel Van Camp.

Antwerpse Kleppers

Chez Bricktop Theatre 23 May 2024

Chez Bricktop

Muziektheater Transparant / Fanny & Alexander

After World War I, the legendary Parisian nightclub Chez Bricktop was a vibrant meeting place for French and Afro-American artists. This show revives the days when jazz came across the Atlantic from America. Music theatre in the form of a ‘live’ radio broadcast.

Egmont Theatre 24 May 2024


Het Banket / I SOLISTI / Vlaams Radiokoor

Jan Decleir and Roy Aernouts examine how the beheaded Count of Egmont became a symbol of reasonableness and tolerance. A hair-raising theatrical interpretation with live music that winks an eye at Goethe and Beethoven.

Slotvoorstelling De nieuwe spelers 2024 Theatre 25 May 2024

Slotvoorstelling De nieuwe spelers 2024

de nieuwe spelers

De nieuwe spelers is a preparatory theatre study for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 that focuses on diversity, with the aim of enabling as many young artists as possible to move on to the professional performing arts sector. Their final project will be presented in Kambala.

Nomadics Theatre 25 May 2024 until 26 May 2024


Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez / Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

The Voetvolk dance company walks. A breathtaking foot play for eight performers. Before the show starts, interested members of the audience can walk with them to the Bourla, in order to experience the polyphonic impact of this simple movement.

War of the Beasts and the Animals Theatre 28 May 2024

War of the Beasts and the Animals

Zuidpool / Jorgen Cassier / Koen Van Kaam

Five actors and a beat master rap and rave at a hellish pace to poems by the Russian Maria Stepanova. A fragmentation bomb of samples from films, political speeches, world literature and poetry. A lively audiovisual 21st century anti-war pamphlet.

CQ. Theatre 30 May 2024


Abattoir Fermé / Stef Lernous

Stories and problems of residents of a dilapidated, post-apocalyptic apartment building. A show about anonymity and loneliness, inspired by the paintings of Delvaux, but set in a slaughterhouse: fascinating, trippy, grotesquely witty and touching at the same time.

Dwarskijker Theatre 31 May 2024


de Roovers

A dreaded blogger is the pivotal figure of a motley crew of artists. She spouts her cutting commentary ruthlessly. But how much absolute honesty can a person take? A present-day version of The Misanthrope by Molière.

Opening Night Theatre 1 June 2024

Opening Night


The first big show of the DE HOE collective, written and performed by all of the writers and actors in the company. Inspired by the exceptional films of John Cassavetes and the acting of the legendary Gena Rowlands.

De nieuwe man Theatre 2 June 2024

De nieuwe man


Natali Broods and Peter Vanden Eede portray an actor and a writer. They used to be in love with each other, but the fear of destroying everything made it impossible for them to be together. Two decades later, they meet again. Is the time ripe for a real conversation? 

Winterreise Theatre 4 June 2024


Muziektheater Transparant / Opera Ballet Vlaanderen / Jan Sobrie / Wouter Deltour / Viviane De Muynck

Viviane De Muynck incarnates a 77-year-old woman preparing for her last journey. She takes leave of her beloved, looks back on her life and talks with her younger self. The adaptation of the music searches in the footsteps of Schubert for a modern sound.

Orfeus Theatre 5 June 2024


LAZARUS / Koen De Graeve / Flat Earth Society (FES)

Actor Koen De Graeve and composer Peter Vermeersch explore the limits of human ingenuity, on a musical bed of ancient Greek jazz, overlaid with a stream of image-filled words that amaze and confound, excite and move you.

4.48 - Sarah Kane Theatre 6 June 2024

4.48 - Sarah Kane

De Roovers / Kunst/Werk

Actor Sara De Bosschere and choreographer Marc Vanrunxt give a convincing portrayal of the psychotic experience in Sarah Kane's 4.48. An authentic report on the mental state between swimming and drowning.

Klein Jowanneke Gaat Dood Theatre 7 June 2024

Klein Jowanneke Gaat Dood

Martha!tentatief / Johan Petit

With this legendary show, Klein Jowanneke bid farewell to his youth in 2008. Soon he will be 50. And he feels that things are not getting better; no, they’re only getting worse. And so, to celebrate life (while it’s still possible) Klein Jowanneke is dying again.

ENTRECÔTE Theatre 8 June 2024


One Trick Pony / Liesa Van der Aa

From behind a generously stocked meat counter, this musical happening dissects capitalist society in the form of a dark, erotic and amusingly (tastily) compact tableau vivant. The butcher’s as arena for the fancies of consumer and producer.

Presentatiemoment WISPER Theatre 9 June 2024

Presentatiemoment WISPER


WISPER theatre students take on the challenge of Ne mobliez mie by FC Bergman. The results will be presented in Kambala, the Toneelhuis studio on Het Eilandje.

Oude Meesters Theatre 11 June 2024

Oude Meesters

Comp. Marius / 't Barre Land

Atzbacher, a so-called intellectual, does little more than parrot what Reger, the music critic he admires, tells him. Vicious comedy about the echo chamber of being in the right, based on the work of Thomas Bernhard.

Houthakken Theatre 12 June 2024


Comp. Marius / 't Barre Land

Two people have been invited to a snobbish dinner. They wait for the guest of honour, a famous theatre actor, who will not arrive until after midnight. A scathing reckoning with the hypocritical Viennese cultural society of the 19th century, after Thomas Bernhard.

Family Voices Theatre 15 June 2024 until 16 June 2024

Family Voices

theatercompagnie Lucky Leo

The hobbyist theatre collective Lucky Leo has reworked Pinter's radio play into a challenging viewing and listening experience. The actors play in a glass cage; as the audience, you listen to the words through a headset and watch the characters perform in the bell jar. Or are you being watched yourself?