Wachten van Mokhallad Rasem in het Fringe Festival in Madrid

De productie Wachten, een coproductie van Moussem en Toneelhuis,die Mokhallad Rasem maakte in 2013 reist van Birmingham (BE Festival) door naar Madrid waar het geselecteerd werd voor het Fringe Madrid Festival. Wachten speelt er op 23 en 24 juli, telkens om 20u en om 21u30.

Fringe 14 is the third edition of Fringe Madrid, an avant-garde festival of alternative performing arts and music. The 2014 edition runs from July 4th to 27th and comprises site-specific theatre, circus, concerts and dance performances as well as stage plays. As this year’s edition is concentrating on the dramaturgical aspects of the productions, encounters between theatre directors and public have been arranged.


In a Moussem / Toneelhuis coproduction in June 2013, Mokhallad Rasem created a one-night festival on the theme of waiting. How do an Arab, a Serbian, a Turkish and a Dutch theatre-maker view the world situation? What does waiting mean? Mokhallad Rasem asked four other theatre-makers from different backgrounds - Lotte van den Berg, Yousif Abbas, Kristian Al Droubi and Gökhan Shapolski Girginol - to look at Beckett’s Waiting for Godot from a modern-day perspective. He gave them a copy of Beckett’s play to read and asked each of them to make a 20-minute show about what waiting means for them personally. Fringe Madrid selected Mokhallad Rasem’s own contribution to Wachten for its festival.




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