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Soon premiere at the Bourla

Experience Even a Sun Disintegrates Now and Then in your own living room!

You can watch this video work at home by making a symbolic contribution of €1, under the motto 'Art is priceless, but not free.' To experience the film under optimal conditions, make it as dark as possible in the space you are in and huddle under a blanket with your screen before starting the film.


Wereldtournee in Antwerpen

For a year Benjamin Verdonck will be out and about in Antwerp with small-scale and manoeuvrable work that pops up at all sorts of places and occasions, unannounced, in the wake of its maker. Follow him here on his tour.

The Sheep Song at the 75th Festival d'Avignon!

Festival director Olivier Py, fully supported by various French government authorities, made the case that the 75th edition of the festival will effectively take place from 5 to 25 July this year. A hopeful prospect!

Today at Toneelhuis

In de kijker

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