Jozef Wouters

Jozef Wouters (1986, B) has been active as a stage designer, theatre maker and visual artist since 2007. Wouters developed his career in the performing arts at fABULEUS, Scheld’Apen d e t h e a t h e r m a k e r and a.pass, before establishing his own structure for the production of his work – Decoratelier.

As a scenographer, Jozef Wouters has worked with, amongst others, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Thomas Bellinck, Benny Claessens and Michiel Vandevelde.

Wouters’ own work often relates to a specific location, such as All problems can never be solved (2012) for the Cité Modèle in Laeken and the Zoological Institute for Recently Extinct Species (2013) for the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. During Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2016 he took over the main auditorium at the Brussels City Theatre (KVS) with his Decoratelier performance, INFINI 1-15. In 2017 he worked on the site-specific creations Atelier III and Projecting [Space[, in collaboration with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and dramaturge Jeroen Peeters. Underneath Which Rivers Flow, a collaboration with Open Arts House Globe Aroma, premiered during Performatik19 and was later selected for Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Theaterfestival. Wouters’ most recent creation, The Soft Layer (2019), was created in collaboration with Vladimir Miller and premiered at Dream City Festival in Tunis.

Since 2017, Jozef Wouters is an integral part of Damaged Goods, the Brussels-based company of choreographer Meg Stuart. Within this context he produces theatre productions and initiates several projects, using his Decoratelier, located in an old factory building, as a base. In 2023 Wouters makes a creation with Toneelhuis in Antwerp. In 2023-2027 he is artist in residence at Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER in Ghent (BE).

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