Lieselot Siddiki

Lieselot Siddiki

Lieselot Siddiki (b. 1994) is a multidisciplinary artist. After completing her studies in Fashion and Autonomous Design from KASK in 2021, she followed the Master’s in Drama in Ghent. During this time she collaborated with artists/theater makers such as Kris Verdonck and Rodrigo Batista, and did an internship in directing with Lisaboa Houbrechts (Vake Poes).

Lieselot is active as a theatre maker, actor and costume designer. She investigates and advocates for a form of total theater that aims for a spiritual and a physical experience – intuitive, not cerebral. This unbridled urge for form expresses itself in total creations, projects in which performance, music, costumes and scenography are of equal value

In 2021, for her bachelor’s final exam, she created Nachtzwemmen, with Jarne Van Loon. A brutal show, an absurdist ode to the night, in which thirteen performers, including actors, non-actors, a DJ and drag queens, surrender to the lure of intoxication. The show was performed at the GIF Festival (Ghent, '22), Theater aan Zee (Ostend, '22), Love at First Sight (Toneelhuis, Antwerp, '22), the international Fringe Festival in Amsterdam ('22) and Electropark in Genoa, Italy ('23), among others. 

In 2023, in collaboration with theater maker Nona Demey Gallagher, Lieselot Siddiki created her first professional production, Up Your Ass. They based it on the comedy of the same name by Valerie Solanas, the American writer who shot Andy Warhol in New York in 1965. In consultation with Solanas' heir, Karen L. Biondo, Siddiki and Gallagher were allowed to be the first in Europe to stage a current version of this play. Up Your Ass humorously highlights the sexist underbelly of the US. The show was called "feminist in a quirky way" in the press, and was very positively received. It has since toured at home and abroad, including Radikal Jung in Munich, KVS, De Grote Post, TAZ ('24) and the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh ('25).

A strong preference for abundance and the synergy between performing and visual arts are characteristic aspects of Siddiki's work. In 2024, she is taking on a variety of roles: as costume designer for Motherbaby (Sophia Bauer & Marieke Schraepen) and BARZAKH (Thomas Bellinck), as director of the closing event of the GIF festival, as coach of a Master's thesis at KASK drama, and as actor in What The Butler Saw (Tom Goossens). She is touring through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria with various productions, including Up Your Ass, Voorjaarsontwaken (Wolf Wolf), Pinokkio (directed by Jonas Baeke) and De Abrikozenboom/Kayısı Ağacı (Klub Kilim).

Lieselot has previously performed in television and film productions, including Wij ( (René Eller, '19), Season of Sex ('22), Splinter ('23) and Fuck You Very Very Much ('23). Although her plentiful acting experience has given her insight into various aspects of theater, her heart lies in creating theater, and she plans to focus primarily on that in the future.

Lieselot Siddiki is a (founding) member of several interdisciplinary collectives, including SOUTH PARK and Camping Sunset, where she debuted as an actor in the production Ten Oorlog III ('21) in the role of the wanton King Edwaar. 

In 2025, Siddiki is creating The Truthful, which will premiere at CAMPO in Ghent on May 14, '25.

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