Man Overboord rehearses at Kambala

Man Overboord rehearses at Kambala

A rebel arts platform for young people and artists

Man Overboord (MOB) is putting the finishing touches on their new show. This year, the up-and-coming young firebrands are working with theatre maker Simon de Vos. In November, they will be rehearsing for two weekends in Kambala.

The MOB Rebels Art Platform sails from port to port, disembarking at youth and cultural centres, secondary schools, academies and museums. Aim: to kick a conscience into the world, with art at the ready as a life buoy. After school and during school.

MOB is calling on the artistic mindset of young people, on the artistic citizenship of creators, and is impatient. Because this is our time, NOW!

MOB rows with the oars that are available on an artistic course towards Flanders and Brussels, sometimes higgledy-piggledy, but always together with young people and artists. MOB wants to astonish, confuse and seduce. Wants to look and nourish. To listen, call and save. But: What exactly needs saving? A house? The city? A treeless square? Our conscience? Our trust? Our desires? Collective power? Your hairdo? My beard? Our hearts?

At school after school, during short or longer workshops with various forms of art, and always fuelled by mutual inspiration, MOB investigates the questions: “What can we do about this globe, about ourselves?!” And above all: “Where can we start, and when?!”

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