Report of the 24-25 season presentation

Report of the 24-25 season presentation

The end is where we start from!

On May 27, the Toneelhuis makers proudly presented the new season to the public. Enjoy the photo report!

In a dynamic and engaging group discussion, Marie Vinck, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Tom Dewispelaere, Stijn Van Opstal, Stef Aerts, Thomas Verstraeten, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Sietske Van Aerde, Lieselot Siddiki and Florian Myjer asked each other about their new creations, their working methods, dreams and plans. (Gorges Ocloo unfortunately could not attend due to illness.) Lola McQueen, Clara Lissens, Virago Symphonic Orchestra and the choir of Tutti Fratelli provided enchanting musical interludes.

The end is where we start from. In our new shows, you will see time passing in review in all of its forms: cyclical time, transience, adolescence, the destructive time of war, nostalgia for times gone by, but also the hopeful longing for a new era. The end is where we start from, and that includes the end of next season. For in the summer of 2025, we are closing our beloved Bourla for much-needed renovations. But not without first having lived it up in style, during the Bye Bye Bourla festival.

At Toneelhuis, we are putting the emphasis on welcoming everyone more than ever. We want to make theatre accessible, so that as many visitors as possible can fully enjoy the magic on stage. In addition to our existing initiatives for the blind, visually impaired and hearing impaired, and our special rates to lower financial barriers, next season we will be making additional efforts for the deaf and sign language speakers. During the 24-25 season presentation, we provided an audio description (AD) and live interpreters of Flemish Sign Language (VGT).

Discover the new season here.

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