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53 Suns

Toneelhuis, Hannah De Meyer

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An effervescent show. A whirlpool. Or is it a hole? Is it alive? Or is it very, very, very dead?

For 53 Suns, instead of being on stage herself, Hannah has invited six quirky performers from different backgrounds and disciplines to investigate questions from her previous work. Questions about ecology, mysticism and theatre as a space for material and ephemeral bodies, both new and old. They search for ways of representing the frighteningly liberating awareness that the body, death and life are constantly morphing into each other.


concept, director

  • Hannah De Meyer


  • Hannah De Meyer
  • Seppe Decubber

directing assistance

  • Seppe Decubber


  • Amber Vanluffelen
  • Dolores Hulan
  • Anthony van Gog
  • Anna Franziska Jäger
  • Joelle Francis
  • Jayson Batut

light design

  • Luc Schaltin


  • Sietske Van Aerde


  • Hannah De Meyer
  • Chloé D'hauwe
  • Jef Cuypers
  • Dries Segers
  • Luc Schaltin


  • Liew Niyomkarn

compositie en stem SONG 53 SUNS

  • Inne Eysermans

arrangement SONG 53 SUNS

  • Liew Niyomkarn

graphic design

  • Jef Cuypers
  • Chloé D'hauwe

outside eye

  • Fyllenia Grigoriou
  • Rosa Lambert


  • Toneelhuis
  • P.U.L.S. - Project for Upcoming Artists for the Large Stage

with the support of

  • de Tax Shelter van de Belgische federale overheid
  • Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter
  • KWP De Pianofabriek
  • hetpaleis
  • De Zomerfabriek

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There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Thursday 12 May 2022 — 20h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen
  2. Friday 13 May 2022 — 20h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen
  3. Saturday 14 May 2022 — 20h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen
  4. Sunday 15 May 2022 — 20h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen

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