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Audition for Life/Art

Mokhallad Rasem, Helge Letonja

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Mokhallad Rasem and German choreographer Helge Letonja will be investigating the analogy between art and life with a cast of artists and performers.

Not only does every person have a story, every person also actively writes their own story – by chasing after their dreams, by demanding a particular place in the world. This situation is very similar to that of an actor or dancer who is auditioning for a role: at that moment, in that context, the actor or dancer has to show what he or she can do. And make it clear which role he or she aspires to: a main role, a supporting role, an extra…. If you don’t succeed at an audition or at acquiring a certain place in life, then in both cases you have to ask yourself: How can I adapt? How can I have the most flexible possible dialogue with reality, with what this specific context requires of me? And then you give it another try. And another… in the secret hope that the world will change a little bit as a result.

Working in close collaboration with the German choreographer Helge Letonja, Mokhallad Rasem will be playfully investigating this analogy between art and life with a cast of professional artists and performers. All of them come from a mixed background or mixed origins but have lived for some time in Bremen. The performers will be able to easily switch roles, holding auditions and doing auditions themselves – for art, and for life.


concept, direction

  • Mokhallad Rasem
  • Helge Letonja


  • the Ensemble New Bremen
  • Augusto Jaramillo Pineda
  • Kathrin Steinweg
  • Kossi Sébastien Aholou-Wokawui
  • Medoune Seck
  • Michael Meyer
  • Roua Reshah
  • Leila Eskandari
  • Oh Chang Ik

dramaturgy assistance

  • Renate Heitmann

costume and set design

  • Rike Schimitschek

light design

  • Timo Reichenberger

production manager and assistant to the director

  • Martina Lübbing

assistance costume design

  • Viktor Fadel Saleh


  • Bremer Shakespeare Company
  • steptext dance project
  • Toneelhuis

in the context of

  • Sehnsucht Europa

with the support of

  • Fonds Darstellende Künste

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There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Friday 7 September 2018 — Bremer Shakespeare Company, Bremen, Duitsland, Bremen
  2. Saturday 8 September 2018 — Bremer Shakespeare Company, Bremen, Duitsland, Bremen
  3. Friday 14 September 2018 — Bremer Shakespeare Company, Bremen, Duitsland, Bremen
  4. Wednesday 26 September 2018 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  5. Thursday 27 September 2018 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen

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