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Etangs Noirs

Timeau De Keyser, Pieter Dumoulin

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A package delivered to the wrong address sets off Etangs Noirs.
Jimi, a young man from the Modelwijk in Laken goes looking for the woman for whom the package is meant. When she proves to be unfindable, the search begins to take up a bigger and bigger place in Jimi’s life.



  • Cédric Luvuezo
  • Makvala Pirtskhalava-Sakhelashvili
  • Monique Pironnet
  • Freddy Wathelet
  • Maka Sakhelachvili
  • Mariam Sakhelachvili
  • Marcela Jara
  • Rudy Bilel Mira

scenario and direction

  • Timeau De Keyser
  • Pieter Dumoulin


  • Dieter Diependaele


  • Rasmus Van Heddeghem
  • Ruben Desiere


  • Accatone Films


  • Toneelhuis

with the support of

  • Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
  • Stad Brussel

thanks to

  • Stempel, Cité Culture & Lunanime

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Er zijn geen aankomende activiteiten voor dit event.

  1. Sunday 14 October 2018 — 20h00 — Kinepolis, Gent
  2. Tuesday 16 October 2018 — 21h00 — BFI Southbank, Londen
  3. Thursday 18 October 2018 — 14h30 — Sphinx Cinema, Gent
  4. Thursday 18 October 2018 — 15h15 — VUE West End, Londen
  5. Friday 20 September 2019 — 20h00 — De Studio, Antwerpen

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