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Guided tour

Heritage Day 2017

Guided tours of the Bourla theatre by newcomers whose mother tongue is not Dutch

Toneelhuis, Atlas (integratie & inburgering Antwerpen), LBCOnderwijs

The seventeenth edition of Heritage Day will take place on Sunday April 23 rd 2017. The theme for the year is Care.

Toneelhuis is playing its part in Heritage Day. In cooperation with Atlas, integration Antwerp and LBCeducation we are offering guided tours of the Bourla theatre by people who are following an NT2 course, i.e. Dutch as a second language.

This is your chance to look behind the scenes of a nineteenth-century theatre through the eyes of a newcomer whose mother tongue is not Dutch. You will learn all about the history of the building and the historical theatre constructions.

There will be guided tours at 11.00 hrs, 12.00 hrs, 14.00 hrs, 15.00 hrs, 16.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs.



  • LBCOnderwijs
  • Atlas (integratie & inburgering Antwerpen)
  • Toneelhuis

All data

Er zijn geen aankomende activiteiten voor dit event.

  1. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 12h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  2. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 13h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  3. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 15h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  4. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 16h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  5. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 17h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  6. Sunday 23 April 2017 — 18h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen

Nieuws over ‘Heritage Day 2017’

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