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Red. The Sorrows of Belgium III: Holy War

Luk Perceval, NTGent



  • Luk Perceval


  • Peter Seynaeve
  • Bert Luppes
  • Valéry Warnotte
  • Roberto Jean
  • Oscar Van Rompay
  • Maria Shulga
  • Lisah Adeaga
  • Farid Bouzenad
  • Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar


  • Michael Bijnens

live music

  • Sam Gysel


  • Steven Heene

set design

  • Annette Kurz

light design

  • Mark Van Denesse

costume design

  • Ilse Vandenbussche

rope lounge coach

  • Ted Stoffer


  • Le Manège Maubeuge


  • NTGent

with the support of

  • de Vlaamse Overheid
  • Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid

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There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Thursday 12 May 2022 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  2. Friday 13 May 2022 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  3. Saturday 14 May 2022 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen

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