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Young Baghdad

Mokhallad Rasem, Toneelhuis

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Mokhallad Rasem invites you to two successive evenings of lively debate about how young people in Baghdad see themselves and their future. This event stems from a workshop he gave to a group of students from the Conservatory and the Theatre Studies department of the University of Baghdad in the summer of 2015.

Very gradually the theme of the workshop – ‘Reality versus Dream’ – resulted in scores of arresting video portraits of young people in Baghdad talking about the life they dream of. They spoke in many different ways about the desire for an ordinary life, without conflict, without war, without religion and without the constant presence of death... Who would I be then? What would life – my life – be like then? Every evening the public could come and watch the interviews Mokhallad had filmed, and every evening the films were discussed. The need for an answer to those questions and the need to be heard were very much in evidence.

“Perhaps people in a war situation feel a greater need to rebuild their identity than to rebuild art, but art can play a role in the construction of a new identity and a new reality. Art may not be able to change the world, but art can change one person’s reality”, Mokhallad Rasem claims. 

Mokhallad Rasem is reworking the portraits into a reportage which he will show as the starting point for a discussion with several invited guests. The names of Mokhallad Rasem’s guests will be announced at a later date. 



  • Mokhallad Rasem


  • Paul Van Caudenberg
  • Mokhallad Rasem


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  1. Thursday 13 October 2016 — 21h00 — Leopoldstraat 31a, Antwerpen
  2. Friday 14 October 2016 — 21h00 — Leopoldstraat 31a, Antwerpen

News about ‘Young Baghdad’

Young Baghdad: een documentaire en een gespreksavond Article — 10 November 2016

Young Baghdad: een documentaire en een gespreksavond

In 2015 organiseerde Mokhallad Rasem een theaterworkshop in Bagdad voor een groep studenten van het Conservatorium en de Theateropleiding van de Universiteit van Bagdad. Met het videomateriaal dat hij daar verzamelde, maakte hij de documentaire Young Baghdad, die op 13 en 14 oktober 2016 als preview getoond werd in Antwerpen. Aansluitend ging Mokhallad in gesprek met dramaturg Erwin Jans en per avond een andere extra spreker: de eerste avond was dat journalist Gie Goris en de avond erna filosoof Lieven De Cauter. Een verslag van de twee avonden.

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