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Zielzoekers: Open Door

Theater Malpertuis, Toneelhuis, Rode Kruisopvangcentrum voor asielzoekers Menen, cc De Steiger Menen, Mokhallad Rasem

Theater Malpertuis, Toneelhuis, CC De Steiger and the Red Cross Centre for Asylum Seekers in Menen have joined forces for an artistic project on migration. At the beginning of January, Toneelhuis maker Mokhallad Rasem stayed in the centre in Menen, where 75 asylum seekers live behind the walls of a former monastery. For six weeks, he lived, worked and talked with the refugees there, after which he will work the material he has collected into the production Zielzoekers (Soul Seekers).

On Saturday 11 February 2017, the asylum centre in Menen throwed open its doors and Mokhallad Rasem welcomed the public together with the residents. This Open Door was a festive conclusion of his stay, Mokhallad talked about what occurred during that time and how his experiences will be reflected in Zielzoekers

At the same time, CC De Steiger hosted a varied programme that examines the refugee theme from every possible angle. A detailed overview can be found on

Toneelhuis offered an organized bus trip to the Open Door. The bus departed from Antwerp at 16:00. The rest of the schedule was as follows:

17:15 arrival in Menen

17:30 literary walk to the Red Cross Asylum Seekers Centre

18:00 welcome and guided tour of the centre by Mokhallad Rasem and the residents

19:00 back to CC De Steiger and possibility of eating something and visiting the exhibition Na de vlucht (After the Escape)

20:30 debate on migration with Nic Balthazar (moderator), Mokhallad Rasem and guests

22:30 return to Antwerp

23:45 arrival in Antwerp 



  • Mokhallad Rasem


  • cc De Steiger Menen
  • Rode Kruisopvangcentrum voor asielzoekers Menen
  • Toneelhuis
  • Theater Malpertuis

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  1. Saturday 11 February 2017 — 16h00 — Rode Kruisopvangcentrum voor asielzoekers, Menen

News about ‘Zielzoekers: Open Door’

Interview with Mokhallad Rasem Article — 14 April 2017

Interview with Mokhallad Rasem

Theater Malpertuis interviewed Toneelhuis maker Mokhallad Rasem about his new production Zielzoekers (Soul Seekers).

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