Those who want to discover more on their own will find comprehensive background information about the theatre-makers, the productions and related activities on this website. Toneelhuis also offers a range of educational resources for groups with varying degrees of theatre experience.


Toneelhuis is organising theatre workshops. The workshops are developed in line with the rehearsal process for a show and are suitable for secondary school pupils from the third level upwards and students in higher education. Participants gain insight into the themes and background of the production and have a chance to experience acting for themselves. The workshops last a morning, afternoon or evening, and are held either at the school/Institute of higher education or at Toneelhuis.


As the representative of a group (school, club or other organisation), you can put your name on our newsletter (see below). You will then be invited to all Toneelhuis try-outs. This will give you the chance to familiarise yourself with shows for free and decide which introductory activity you want to plan for your group.

Open rehearsals

Wherever possible, the rehearsal process is open to teachers/supervisors and their groups (maximum 40 people).


Introductions to shows take place in the Bourla Theatre on all weekdays, except when there is a premiere. This is an opportunity to find out more about the director, his or his concept and working method, the writer and the actors. These free introductions start at 7:15 PM and are held on the first-floor corridor of the Bourla.

Toneelhuis will also provide introductions and after-show discussions at schools on request.


Together with social organisations and associations that offer a platform to the poor, Toneelhuis promotes an ongoing course of participation for people in socially vulnerable positions. Toneelhuis offers introductions, workshops, and guidance specifically tailored to the requirements of social organisations in the city.

For further information, please contact Petra Damen.

You can also contact OCMW Antwerpen / Dienst Vrije Tijd, Recht-Op, ATLAS, Nova Op Stap, APGA and CAW Antwerpen. Or you can contact the Fonds Vrijetijdsparticipatie (Flemish Leisure Time Participation Fund), our partner in the fight against social exclusion.

Education newsletter