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Toneelhuis offers you a peek behind the scenes with pleasure. Take a guided tour of the Bourla and find out everything about the building’s history and its historic theatrical constructions.

Tours for schools

(max.30 persons)

Subscribe via  Petra Damen.

Tours for groups

(max. 30 persons)
€10 per person, min. 15 persons

Subscribe via  Remke van Elstlande.

Tours for the general public

€ 10 per person, tours for 15 or more people, maximum 25

Tours are given on the following Saturdays.
Always from 2 to 4 PM.


Guided tours during Open Monuments Day

Toneelhuis trains new guides. For a week long at the Bourla this summer, people taking NT2 (Dutch as a second language) courses learned about the workings of the theatre and intensively practiced their Dutch while being trained as a guide. During Open Monuments Day, they gave a unique behind-the- scenes look at the nineteenth century Bourla Theatre.

A collaborative project with ATLAS, the integration and naturalization agency in Antwerp.