Bart Van Nuffelen

Bart Van Nuffelen

Bart Van Nuffelen (°1973) is a director, writer and podcast maker. Over the years he has worked with his mates from the Martha!tentatief theatre company on a series of shows about ‘the untameable city’, such as De Vernissage, 175+, Polen op zondag and de Fietsendief, in coproduction with Toneelhuis. He additionally made the highly praised children’s shows Dinska Bronska and Dounia B. Together with Lucas Derycke and Martha!tentatief, he recently presented a podcast about the Jewish quarter in Antwerp, De kunst van het verdwijnen (The Art of Disappearing)

All these projects came about after an intensive research period: interviews with city residents, and journalistic research in collaboration with urban actors (schools, city activities, etc.). Increasingly, the contemporary city is reflected on stage and within the team of makers. 

Besides and between all of this, he is co-artistic director of Martha!tentatief, together with Johan Petit. As a hobby, Bart Van Nuffelen writes children’s books (De Eenhoorn publishers).

Martha!tentatief translates the ever-changing city and world into ‘new stories about now’. The company tells big tales about ordinary people in a rapidly changing society, and believes in the binding and healing power of storytelling. All projects are the fruit of encountering and working with other makers and urban and artistic partners, and each story begins with research. In collaboration with academics and specialists, the company scours the city for the people behind the trends, for the reality behind the issues, for relevant and authentic stories. Martha!tentatief always seeks to connect with the largest, widest and most diverse audience possible.

The performance Honderd (2024) is part of UNLOCK THE CITY!, a European project supported by the European Union's Creative Europe programme.

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Read • 8 May 2017

The BURO voor Stedelijk Enthousiasme

The BURO voor Stedelijk Enthousiasme (Office of Urban Enthusiasm), an initiative of Toneelhuis and MartHa!tentatief, is a small but versatile research and production cell that explicitly looks for inspiration in a constantly changing city. Over the next four years, the Office will be setting up a number of small projects in the city, but also bring two large
projects to the Bourla. The first project is an offer in the upcoming season.