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Louis Verlinde, Gina Beuk

The only thing you can do is embrace this fucking shitshow!

BROKEBACK SHITSHOW is a grotesque catwalk performance that tells the story of a lone cowboy looking for love in this modern bullshit society. After their debut on the classic catwalk, they now are storming the theatre world. Starting with the classic homo-icon film, Brokeback Mountain, Louis Verlinde and Gina Beuk create a multidisciplinary fashion-performance based on Louis’s aversion and simultaneous attraction to the love story. With their backgrounds in theatre, visual art, fashion and costume design, they challenge the prevailing classic codes on and around the catwalk.

BROKEBACK SHITSHOW plays as part of Love at first Sight #8. Discover the full programme here.

scenography, costume

  • Louis Verlinde


  • Louis Verlinde
  • Gina Beuk


  • Gina Beuk
  • Jarne Van Loon
  • Hannah Brugge
  • Freek De Craecker
  • Shee Roeting
  • Emma Verstraete
  • Iris Donders
  • Lucie Plasschaert
  • Johanna Trudzinski
  • Joshua Smits
  • Cas Dekeyser
  • Britt Lemmens
  • Tania Gallagher


  • Mathieu Janssens


  • Rodion Gholobov

thanks to

  • Claudine
  • Gilles Pollak

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There are no upcoming activities for this event.

  1. Saturday 28 October 2023 — 23h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen

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