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Nathan Christiaensen, Mil Sinaeve, Haider Al Timimi

The title might remind you of an aluminium tray with French fries, shawarma, melted cheese, salad and sauce.
Or it might remind you of a barbershop. Maybe you think we will play two Moroccans. If you hadn’t thought that already, maybe you will think it now. Maybe you are looking at the director’s name again. Maybe it’s research, or something to talk about later. Maybe it’s about cultural appropriation, or about a graduation project and polar opposites, or a barber and a customer who are eating something, or not, no, they don’t eat.
Kapsalon (Barbershop) is Mil Sinaeve and Nathan Christiaensen’s graduation project, which they made together with Haider Al-Timimi.

Kapsalon plays as part of Love at first Sight #8. Discover the full programme here.

regie, tekst, spel

  • Nathan Christiaensen
  • Mil Sinaeve
  • Haider Al Timimi

decor met dank aan

  • Toneelhuis
  • Theater Antigone

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  1. Sunday 29 October 2023 — 19h00 — Kambala, Kambalastraat 1, Antwerpen

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