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Moby Dick, at last Queequeg speaks

LOD muziektheater


concept, direction

  • Gorges Ocloo


  • Ben Okri


  • Herman Melville


  • Dominique Pauwels

musical performance conducted by

  • Toon Callier


  • Josse De Pauw


  • Raehann Bryce-Davis


  • LOD muziektheater


  • C-TAKT
  • kunstencentrum Vooruit
  • De Grote Post

with the support of

  • De Belgische Tax Shelter

All data

  1. Wednesday 18 January 2023 — 20h00 — LOD Studio, Gent
  2. Thursday 19 January 2023 — 20h00 — LOD Studio, Gent
  3. Saturday 21 January 2023 — 20h15 — De Warande, Turnhout
  4. Thursday 16 February 2023 — 20h00 — Cultuurcentrum Brugge, Brugge
  1. Cancelled: Sunday 15 March 2020 — 15h00 — Theaterstudio deSingel, Antwerpen

News about ‘Moby Dick, at last Queequeg speaks’

Gorges Ocloo calls for a repertoire that starts from the bottom up Article — 24 June 2022

Gorges Ocloo calls for a repertoire that starts from the bottom up

‘Actions, not only words’ – that was the motto of his school in Ghana, and theatre maker Gorges Ocloo (b. 1988) still lives by it. His shows are colourful extravaganzas of visuals, movement and music, with a strong political undertone. He wipes his feet on the classical repertoire. Meet a director who plans to take the Bourla by storm with new metaphors.


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