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Brideshead Revisited

Toneelhuis, De Warme Winkel, Florian Myjer & Abke Haring

Florian Myjer and Abke Haring are catapulting Brideshead Revisited into the 21 st century. Toneelhuis and De Warme Winkel present the Belgian premiere of the classic English novel by Evelyn Waugh (1945).
Whereas in the last century this masterpiece enjoyed cult status among queers as well as conservatives, these days it seems consigned to oblivion – even though it is perhaps the most romantic and Anglophile novel of all times. Evelyn Waugh's secretly autobiographical Brideshead Revisited (1945) tells the story of Charles Ryder, who as a young student at Oxford in the early 1900s falls under the spell of the aristocratic Flyte family. For one sultry summer, he luxuriates in their opulent life at the paradisiacal family estate, falling in love with both the son, Sebastian, and the daughter, Julia.

But with the end of summer and the rise of fascism, adult life presents itself. However much Charles would have liked it to, the freedom of those golden August days will not return. What had seemed like the prelude to a radically honest and liberal life turns out to be the beginning of a hopeless and cynical existence.

For Evelyn Waugh, mired in a bitter worldview, writing this novel was an attempt to recover the happiness of his younger years. Inspired by this self-analysis, De Warme Winkel uses Brideshead Revisited as a vehicle for an autopsy of love and an unfolding of our (sexual) identity. With live music composed by Rik Elstgeest and the memories and fantasies of Florian and Abke as the beating heart, they bring to life the epic love story Waugh so longed for.

Brideshead Revisited was made for (and with) the Holland Festival 2023. It ran for a month in the main hall of De Sloot, a breeding ground for theatre in Amsterdam. The twenty performances were sold out in no time, and De Warme Winkel soon received requests about bringing the show back again.

Together with Toneelhuis, De Warme Winkel is turning its site-specific version of Brideshead Revisited into a traveling production for the large stage. The set is being adapted so that the show will have just as much impact as it did in De Sloot.

A shimmering dialogue about love.

"Brideshead Revisited reveals itself to be a generous and highly vulnerable portrait of two people constantly navigating between shame and hope."

"While Brideshead Revisited is certainly no Waugh adaptation, Myjer and Haring have taken a literary classic and riffed on it freely, in a warm, vulnerable way. The Holland Festival may have been intended to bring the world to Dutch stages, but it’s good to see some Dutch artists join the party and claim the spotlight, too."

"In a heartbreaking fashion, the creators make the toxic and enduring influence of (internalised) homophobia palpable."

"And then suddenly the show ends, a special ending, indeed, but without having met the expectations that were raised. So, you’re left with a longing for more, and as you walk out, you realize that this goes perfectly with the show."

in Trouw , 8 June 2023

"Witty and vulnerable dialogues about sensuality and (queer) identity."

Ellen Van Dam in Het Parool , 12 June 2023

concept, text, play

  • Florian Myjer & Abke Haring


  • Ward Weemhoff


  • Scott Robin Jun

sound design and composition

  • Rik Elstgeest


  • Liesbeth Vreeburg


  • Daphne De Winkel


  • De Warme Winkel


  • Holland Festival

coproduction large theatre adaptation

  • Toneelhuis

with the support of

  • Ammodo

All data

  1. Thursday 24 October 2024 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen Belgian premiere
  2. Friday 25 October 2024 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen With audio description and interpreters Flemish Sign Language
  3. Wednesday 30 October 2024 — 20h00 — Grote zaal ITA, Amsterdam
  4. Thursday 31 October 2024 — 20h00 — Grote zaal ITA, Amsterdam
  5. Friday 1 November 2024 — 20h00 — Grote zaal ITA, Amsterdam
  6. Tuesday 5 November 2024 — 20h00 — De Goudse schouwburg, Gouda
  7. Wednesday 6 November 2024 — 20h00 — NTGent/Schouwburg, Gent
  8. Thursday 7 November 2024 — 20h00 — Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch - s Hertogenbosch
  9. Saturday 9 November 2024 — 20h15 — SPOT Groningen, Groningen
  10. Tuesday 12 November 2024 — 20h30 — Parktheater, Eindhoven
  11. Thursday 14 November 2024 — 20h00 — Deventer schouwburg, Deventer
  12. Friday 15 November 2024 — 20h00 — CC Westrand, Dilbeek
  13. Sunday 17 November 2024 — 20h00 — Philharmonie, Haarlem
  14. Wednesday 20 November 2024 — 20h00 — HNT/Koninklijke Schouwburg, Den Haag
  15. Thursday 21 November 2024 — 20h30 — Stadstheater Arnhem, Arnhem
  16. Saturday 23 November 2024 — 20h00 — Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam
  17. Sunday 24 November 2024 — 20h00 — Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam
  18. Tuesday 26 November 2024 — 20h00 — Schouwburg, Amstelveen
  19. Wednesday 27 November 2024 — 20h00 — Theater De Veste, Delft
  20. Sunday 1 December 2024 — 20h30 — Chassé Theater, Breda
  21. Tuesday 3 December 2024 — 20h15 — Theater De Vest, Alkmaar
  22. Wednesday 4 December 2024 — 20h00 — Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Utrecht
  23. Saturday 7 December 2024 — 20h00 — De Grote Post, Oostende
  24. Tuesday 10 December 2024 — 20h00 — ITA/Rabozaal, Amsterdam
  25. Wednesday 11 December 2024 — 20h00 — ITA/Rabozaal, Amsterdam
  26. Friday 13 December 2024 — 20h15 — Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden
  27. Saturday 14 December 2024 — 20h00 — Stadsschouwburg, Nijmegen

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