Sophia Rodriguez

Sophia Rodriguez

Actor, dancer, choreographer Sophia Rodriguez (°1984) studied circus, dance and theatre in Venezuela (Universidad Experimental de las Artes), in Cuba (Cuban National Circus School) and in Switzerland (Accademia Teatro Dimitri). Her artistic work is strongly influenced by her lengthy record of workshops and interchanges with David Zambrano. 

As a performer, in 2013 Rodriguez received the DanceWeb scholarship from ImpulsTanz under the mentorship of Ivo Dimchev, and she performed with Ayelen Parolin, DE MAAN and Siamese Cie, among others. With Micha Goldberg, she made The Primal Money Scream (2014, CAMPO), which was selected for the Young Work category at the Theater aan Zee festival, and The Garden Laboratorium (2015, CAMPO). In collaboration with Simon Van Schuylenbergh she performed in his project Ne Mosquito Pas (2020), and she was part of the successful retro-futuristic operatic production A Revue (2020) by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. She also did the choreography for his Madrigals. In addition, she was responsible for the coaching and is one of the performers in A Bigger Thing by Lisi Estaras at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. 

Productions from/with ‘Sophia Rodriguez’

A Revue Theatre 13 June 2025 until 14 June 2025

A Revue

d e t h e a t e r m a k e r / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Madrigals Theatre Archive


Muziektheater Transparant / d e t h e a t e r m a k e r / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

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