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Muziektheater Transparant, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

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Every lover is a warrior. With utopian enthusiasm, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe stages Monteverdi’s Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi.

Meirhaeghe is taking on Claudio Monteverdi. At the end of his life, this king of late Italian Renaissance music published his zesty Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi. Meirhaeghe turns these dazzling vocal works about war and love into a call for freedom, enflamed by fighting spirit and passion. With an eye to the ancient Greeks, he creates a contemporary and uninhibited orgy that blurs the boundaries between the human and the divine.

For Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, theatre is a crossroads in time: a time machine squarely in the middle of the present in which distant pasts and futures, origins and utopias, merge to form a radically new story with a soundscape and cast to match. Moving beyond the distinctions between insider and outsider, MADRIGALS presents a society full of uniqueness and talent where conservative dogma and stigmas make way for sexuality, abandonment and release.

Artist and composer Jesse Kanda (who as a musician goes by the name of ‘Doon Kanda’ and is known to the general public for his collaborations with Björk and others), will rewrite Monteverdi's music to a large extent.

In Madrigals, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe sets to work with Claudio Monteverdi's eighth book of madrigals. But since the emotions of love and struggle belong to us all, the same applies to the performance of canti guerrieri and amorosi. Privileges and dogmas do not exist in BAM's artistic universe, so the dancers sing and the singers dance. Monteverdi survives all that. More than that, his music is the perfect soundtrack for an hour-and-a-half-long ritual where our humanity itself is addressed and celebrated.

Chantal Pattyn in Klara

"A good example of how music, theatrical images, humour and emotion go together is when, on the empty silver stage, a fire suddenly ignites - ignite the spark! - and the performers form a circle around it."

Kristof Van Baarle in Etcetera

"They become one body. The beats alternating with the classical performance of Monteverdi work wonderfully here."

Lotte Ogiers in Pzazz


concept, direction

  • Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe


  • Claudio Monteverdi
  • Doon Kanda (aka Jesse Kanda)


  • Hanako Hayakawa
  • Alice Giuliani
  • Antonio Fajardo
  • Els Mondelaers
  • Khaled Barghouthi
  • Lucie Plasschaert
  • Clément Corrillon
  • Victor Dumont


  • Wouter Deltour
  • Pieter Theuns
  • David Wish
  • Madoka Nakamaru


  • Sophia Rodriguez

text, dramaturgy

  • Louise van den Eede


  • Louise van den Eede

lighting and set design

  • Zaza Dupont
  • Bart van Merode

co-curator beeld

  • Koi Persyn

Voice therapy

  • Rosanne Groenendijk

Voice coaching

  • Els Mondelaers

body coaching

  • Sophia Rodriguez

musical coaching

  • Pieter Theuns


  • Wouter Deltour


  • Charles Dhondt

Visual artists

  • Sanam Khatibi
  • Justin Fitzpatrick
  • Thomas Renward
  • Anthony Ngoya
  • Gilles Dusong
  • Christiane Blattmann
  • Filip Anthonissen
  • Daan Couzijn
  • Che Go Eun
  • Tom Hallet
  • Nokukhanya Langa
  • Tristan Bründler


  • Kasia Mielczarek

technical production management

  • Arthur de Vuyst
  • Muziektheater Transparant
  • Sebastiaan Peeters
  • Laura Arens
  • Anne Van Es
  • Peter Quasters


  • Danielle van Riel


  • Karel Marynissen


  • Kevin Deckers

Production assistant

  • Pablo González

trainee assistant to the director

  • Ika Schwanders




  • Muziektheater Transparant
  • d e t h e a t e r m a k e r


  • Concertgebouw Brugge
  • Theater Rotterdam / Productiehuis Rotterdam
  • B'Rock Orchestra
  • Perpodium
  • C-TAKT

in collaboration with

  • O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre
  • Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
  • Troubleyn / Laboratorium
  • Matterhorn VZW

with the support of

  • tax-shelter van de Belgische Overheid
  • de Vlaamse Overheid

thanks to

  • ShowTex
  • Kopspel
  • Divi-divi
  • de grotten van Dinant

All data

  1. Tuesday 27 September 2022 — 21h00 — Romaeuropa, Rome
  2. Saturday 29 October 2022 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  3. Sunday 30 October 2022 — 20h00 — Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerpen
  4. Tuesday 4 April 2023 — 20h00 — Hippodrome de Douai, Douai
  5. Wednesday 5 April 2023 — 20h00 — Hippodrome de Douai, Douai
  6. Friday 14 April 2023 — 20h00 — La Villette, Paris
  7. Saturday 15 April 2023 — 20h00 — La Villette, Paris
  8. Thursday 11 May 2023 — 20h00 — Le-Maillon, Strasbourg
  9. Friday 12 May 2023 — 20h30 — Le-Maillon, Strasbourg

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