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FC Bergman

LEZING FC Bergman The form as content
27 februari, 12u, Teatro Arena del Sole

FC Bergman's work is characterized by an epic, hyper-realistic design that puts the framework of a theatre performance and the idea of a scenography under pressure and makes it explode. The form of their performances can best be described as an autonomous installation that not only submits the characters to its material laws, but also catches the spectators' eye and seduces them beyond the realistic horizon into a mythical gaze: the houses and the woods in '300 el X 50 el X 30 el', the swimming pool and the car in 'Van den Vos', the museum hall and the Rubens painting in 'Het land Nod' or the apartment building in 'JR'. The characters are absorbed into a hyper-real universe that encloses and destroys them. The size and extent of the scenography, the quantity and authenticity of the details, force the spectators into a perspective in which the meaning can always disappear behind the matter. The search for meaning is knitted together with a physical experience.


WORKSHOP FC Bergman About creating. The kitchen of FC Bergman 
27 februari, 14u tot 18u, Sala dello Stabat Mater, Biblioteca dell' Archiginnasio

In its master class FC Bergman gives a glimpse into the internal kitchen of the company. Central is the way of working the company has refined over the past 12 years. In a short period of time we try to go through the first steps of a creative process. We formulate a basic concept, collect a mood board, think about scenography and first scenes. Just like for our performance Het land Nod we take an existing space with its history and meaning as a starting point for the creation of a performance. How can we create a wordless, visual performance with the Sala dello Stabat Mater of the Archiginnasio Palace as a starting point?

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  1. Cancelled: Thursday 27 February 2020 — 12h00 — Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna
  2. Cancelled: Thursday 27 February 2020 — 14h00 — Archiginnasio of Bologna, Bologna


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